Nix Patterson, LLP

Nix Patterson & Whitten Burrage Obtain $85 Million Settlement With Teva Pharmaceuticals In Oklahoma Opioid Litigation

May 26, 2019


On May 26, 2019, and on the eve of trial, it was announced that Teva Pharmaceuticals, one of the biggest makers of generic drugs, had agreed to pay $85 million to settle the claims brought by Nix Patterson and Whitten Burrage on behalf of the Oklahoma Attorney General over allegations that the company contributed to the state’s opioid epidemic.

In a news release announcing the settlement, Attorney General Mike Hunter stated that the money from the Teva settlement will be “used to abate the opioid crisis in Oklahoma.” Hunter further stated that the Teva settlement is a testament to the state’s legal team’s “dedication and resolve to hold the defendants in this case accountable for the ongoing opioid overdose and addiction epidemic that continues to claim thousands of lives each year.”

Nix Patterson and Whitten Burrage are currently in the second week of trial against the remaining defendant in the case, Johnson & Johnson.

5-26-19 CNN