Nix Patterson, LLP

Toxic Tort & Environmental Contamination


A toxic tort is a legal claim for personal injury, property damage or economic injury caused by exposure to environmental toxins, such as chemicals, pesticides, and lead-based paint. For decades, NPR has represented victims of a wide-range of toxic torts.

NPR has a long history of involvement in prosecuting cases related to injuries caused by exposure to silica and asbestos. And when countless steel workers at the Lone Star Steel Mill began to suffer from breathing problems and cancer, NPR filed lawsuits that resulted in significant payments to over 5,000 steelworkers and their families, against 600 defendant manufacturers. This important case led to our representing workers at the Red River Army Depot injured by exposure to certain rubber products. NPR achieved a significant settlement for those victims.

NPR was appointed as class counsel to represent citizens from the town of Blackwell, Oklahoma for their claims against companies that contaminated their land with lead and other heavy metals. Because of that litigation, the responsible parties paid significant sums directly to injured property owners. NPR forced the responsible parties to remove the contaminated soil from our client’s yards and replace it with clean, contaminant-free soil.