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What Is a Class Action Waiver?

Have you ever been involved in a class action lawsuit? Most people would say no, but many are involved in class actions and don’t even know it. Every year, companies are sued in class action lawsuits for illegal or irresponsible

Why Hire a Car Accident Lawyer?

If you’ve been involved in a car accident, we understand what you’re going through right now. Even a minor “fender bender” can be traumatic depending on the circumstances. Serious accidents are even more traumatizing, especially if you’ve suffered significant injuries.

How to File a Whistleblower Complaint

You suspect your employer is engaging in fraud and stealing money from the U.S. government. What do you do? Many Americans in similar circumstances decide to become whistleblowers. But “blowing the whistle” on your company can be intimidating. Where do

How to start a class action lawsuit

Every day, corporate greed harms people and communities in America. While not every business is a bad one, many companies engage in environmental damage, deceptive advertising, employee discrimination, and other harmful practices. When these practices are against the law, the