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If you have a potential legal claim in New Mexico, Nix Patterson has the expertise and track record to help you. No case is too big and no case is too small. We handle all types of personal injury and commercial cases for individuals, investors, companies, whistleblowers, and sovereigns. Our attorneys—who are licensed in many states, including New Mexico—have recovered billions in jury verdicts and settlements in complex and diverse cases in many practice areas.

Nix Patterson Practice Areas

Nix Patterson offers litigation services to various plaintiffs across the country. Some of our major practice areas include those listed below. This is a brief sample of our legal services, so please contact one of our New Mexico attorneys if you have questions about a case. 

Injury Litigation 

Nix Patterson handles all types of personal injury cases for our clients. These injuries range in severity from short-term harm to life-after catastrophic injuries caused by a semi-truck or an explosion. If you or your loved one has been injured, contact us today for a free consultation to learn about your options. Here some examples of our personal injury practice areas:

Truck Wrecks

Nix Patterson can help you fight for compensation if you were injured in a truck wreck in New Mexico. With New Mexico roads getting more crowded, big rig wrecks are becoming more common in certain parts of the state, and tragically, these accidents can cause catastrophic injuries that change a person’s life forever. Accidents like this usually involve a big corporation who owns the truck and their insurance companies, who are trying to pay as little as possible. You need a lawyer to help you navigate the process and protect your rights. If you or a loved one was injured or killed in a 18-wheeler or semi-truck accident in New Mexico, call us for a free consultation. 

Oil Field Injuries

With the amount of oil and gas activity in New Mexico increasing in recent years, we are seeing a corresponding increase in oil field injuries. These injuries include well site injuries from falls, explosions, and malfunctioning equipment, as well road accidents due to the increased traffic on small, poorly paved roads. Call us today if you were injured in the oil field or by someone working for an oil company. Nix Patterson has immense experience making sure oil and gas companies are held responsible for their actions. 

Catastrophic Injury and PTSD

Have you or your loved one suffered a catastrophic injury that led to a PTSD diagnosis? PTSD is a life-changing diagnosis, and victims must obtain expert medical care. Like a physical injury, PTSD and other anxiety disorders can incapacitate you. 

If you have PTSD because of someone’s negligence, Nix Patterson’s PTSD attorneys will assess your case and help you understand the legal path forward. In addition, we can help you obtain compensation for your medical bills, pain and suffering, lost earnings, and more. 

Vision and Eye Injury 

A serious eye injury can turn your life upside down, and the costs to treat the injury can be financially devastating. Because these injuries can be complex and long-term, speaking to an experienced New Mexico injury lawyer at Nix Patterson is best to learn if you are eligible for compensation. 

Sexual Abuse

It is horrible to consider, but many children and young adults have been sexually abused in their houses of worship by people they trust. Nix Patterson has a robust New Mexico practice that safeguards the rights of children who have been sexually violated. 

Our attorneys are dedicated to restoring our clients’ lives and will not allow the church and its staff to sweep these serious matters under the rug. 

Dangerous Drug and Medical Device Litigation 

Thousands of people are injured annually by medical devices and prescription drugs. Nix Patterson has a team of skilled mass tort attorneys who represent people who dangerous medical devices and pharmaceuticals have hurt. 

These serious cases usually involve hundreds or thousands of victims. That is why they are often consolidated into a single case before one judge. The judge selects a steering committee to handle the many claims of people killed or injured. Our attorneys have participated in steering committee leadership in many drug and device lawsuits.

Complex Commercial Litigation 

Class Actions

One of the most common and challenging legal areas Nix Patterson handles is class action lawsuits. Our firm maintains a solid national class action legal practice that safeguards the rights of consumers, including oil and gas royalty owners and insurance policyholders. While these cases are often expensive and hard fought, Nix Patterson has the resources and know-how to take these cases to the finish line. 

Whistleblower and False Claims Act Litigation 

Nix Patterson employs many attorneys and staff who prosecute whistleblower and False Claim Act (FCA) litigation on behalf of the federal and state governments. The FCA allows private individuals to blow the whistle on entities and individuals who engage in fraud on the government to enrich themselves. This is often referred to as “qui tam” litigation. 

Our law firm has represented clients in many industries, including finance, banking, healthcare, oil and gas, accounting, and more. Our experience in FCA litigation and a strong record working with the government to achieve case success has made our firm a top choice for FCA and whistleblower litigation in the United States. 

Governmental and Sovereign Representation 

Nix Patterson frequently represents states, counties, cities, and other sovereigns in litigation seeking to obtain monetary damages. Most recently, Nix Patterson handled all aspects of opioid-related litigation for several states and other entities. When a governmental entity is involved in litigation, political issues, policy concerns, and media issues may present problems and opportunities. Fortunately, Nix Patterson has the experience and knowledge to successfully represent many government entities in complex litigation. 

Securities Litigation & Portfolio Monitoring

Nix Patterson represents private and public investors in corporate governance and securities fraud lawsuits. These cases usually involve individuals or institutions who have lost investment funds due to a corporation’s fraud or stock manipulation. Our firm has the resources to handle complex corporate governance and securities cases from which other firms often walk away. 


Antitrust violations include monopolistic schemes, price fixing, and market allocation agreements. Our New Mexico law firm understands the complex economic and legal issues affecting all market types. This knowledge allows our firm to prosecute anti-competitive practices that violate state and federal unfair competition and antitrust laws. 

For example, Nix Patterson recently represented over 100 merchants against several credit card companies and banks over merchant rules that allegedly violated antitrust protections. Our firm confidentially resolved these merchants’ claims, including travel companies, major airlines, and hotel and resort chains.

Intellectual Property 

Nix Patterson has helped small companies and individuals recover substantial settlements to compensate them for intellectual property losses. Our team of intellectual property lawyers includes registered patent attorneys, former federal district court clerks, and appellate clerks.

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