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A traumatic brain injury, or TBI, is a head injury that interferes with how the brain functions. This head trauma usually results from a violent jolt or blow to the body or head.

Often catastrophic, TBIs are a leading cause of disability in the U.S. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, approximately 2.8 million Americans report TBIs every year. Alarmingly, about 56,000 people die from this type of head injury.

A traumatic brain injury may take significant physical, financial, and psychological tolls on a victim. If you or someone you care about has sustained a TBI due to another party’s fault, you should know that you may be eligible for compensation that can help you cope with the injury’s aftermath.

At Nix Patterson, our brain injury lawyers have immense experience representing injured victims and winning complex cases involving TBIs. Over the past four decades, our legal team has fought for the interests of injured victims. We are here to help you and your family if you have sustained brain damage or other injuries due to someone else’s negligence.

What Are the Leading Causes of Brain Injuries?

TBI is a major cause of disability and death in the U.S. There are roughly 176 TBI-related deaths recorded every day.

There are many reasons why TBIs happen all across the U.S., with falls accounting for nearly half of all hospitalization cases. Other causes of traumatic brain injuries include:

  • Car wrecks
  • Sports injuries
  • Tractor-trailer accidents
  • Workplace accidents
  • Motorcycle collisions
  • Medical malpractice
  • Military injuries
  • Violence or assault
  • Bicycle accidents
  • Gunshot wounds
  • Construction site accidents

Regardless of how your TBI or head injury occurs, Nix Patterson is ready to represent you throughout the process. Our catastrophic injury lawyers will look into the facts of your case free of charge to determine whether a drunk driver, a negligent employer, or any other third party’s reckless actions led to your TBI. If they did, you may have a claim for compensation.

What Are the Long-term Consequences of a Brain Injury?

The effects of a brain injury depend on the severity of the trauma as well as where the trauma occurred in the brain. If this injury is left untreated or is severe, you may experience long-term medical problems. Some of the most common long-term effects of TBIs include:

  • Loss of vision
  • Balance problems
  • Paralysis
  • Light sensitivity
  • Persistent headaches
  • Dizziness
  • Cognitive impairments
  • Sleep disorders
  • Mood swings
  • Depression

If your head trauma leaves you with a lifelong medical issue, you may require physical therapy. Ongoing treatment may last for months, years, or even the rest of your life. This could result in thousands or even millions of dollars in medical expenses. If your TBI was someone else’s fault, you should not be left holding the bag.

Nix Patterson is ready to work diligently towards recovering fair compensation that covers your past, present, and future medical expenses. Contact our brain injury attorneys today to discuss how your TBI has affected your life and receive sound legal counsel on the best way forward.

How Can a Traumatic Brain Injury Lawyer Help?

Whether you or a family member was injured in a car wreck, a workplace accident, or a birth injury, you shouldn’t file a personal injury lawsuit alone. By hiring a reliable injury lawyer, you can focus on resting and recovering while your attorney pursues compensation.

Here’s how the lawyers at Nix Patterson can help with your head trauma case:

  • Determine what led to your head injury.
  • Gather evidence showing another party was at fault for your TBI.
  • Calculate the accurate value of your present and future damages and needs.
  • Draft and process your paperwork.
  • Negotiate with insurers or the liable party.
  • Go to trial if a settlement can’t be reached.

Our personal injury lawyers have been fighting on behalf of injured victims for decades. We’d love to do the same for you and your loved ones. Contact us today if you have any questions regarding our legal process.

What Types of Damages Are Available in a TBI Claim?

Before filing brain injury claims, it’s normal for victims to wonder how much money they may receive at the end of the process. It’s important to note that settlements for brain injury claims are not guaranteed and vary on a case-by-case basis. That is why you need an experienced lawyer by your side. Factors like liability, insurance policy limits, and the extent and severity of the injury may affect the compensation you’re able to receive after sustaining a TBI.

Some of the damages your TBI lawyer will seek on your behalf include:

  • Medical bills
  • Pain and suffering
  • Lost wages
  • Diminished future earnings
  • Loss of enjoyment of life
  • Ongoing care
  • Wrongful death benefits
  • Loss of companionship

Want to learn more about the compensation you may be entitled to for your brain injury? Let our lawyers review all the details of your accident and walk you through the litigation process.

How Much Does It Cost to Hire a Traumatic Brain Injury Lawyer?

Nix Patterson won’t collect any upfront fees until we win your brain injury case. We collect attorney fees only when you win your case. This is called a contingency fee, and it works like a commission. This means that you don’t have to worry about paying any legal costs out of your own pocket. Nix Patterson will advance all the costs of working on your case and will require reimbursement for those costs if we win a settlement or verdict for you. This allows you to take advantage of experienced legal representation without paying a dime out of pocket.

Contact Our Traumatic Brain Injury Lawyers

TBIs can be life-altering events. If you sustain this type of head trauma due to someone else’s careless acts, know that you are not alone.

Our legal team understands that stress, physical recovery, and financial burdens may discourage TBI victims from seeking legal help. We have the knowledge and resources to hold negligent parties responsible for your brain injury. Our lawyers are comfortable going to trial for you to get the maximum result, and we won’t let insurance companies pressure you into settling for less than the full compensation you are entitled to.

Contact us today at 512-328-5333 to find out if you have a valid claim. Let us protect your rights as you focus on healing.


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