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If you have a legal problem in Texas, Nix Patterson is the law firm to assist you. We have a team of experienced, skilled, and innovative Texas litigators with an impressive track record of success for individuals, investors, companies, whistleblowers, and sovereigns.  Nix Patterson is at the forefront of a small group of law firms with national contingency practices. We have recovered billions for our clients across our many practice areas. Whether it’s a personal injury case, a class action lawsuit, or complex litigation against a massive corporation, our attorneys will use their experience, talents, and deep financial resources to fight for you.  Learn about the comprehensive Texas legal services below that Nix Patterson offers its clients on a contingency fee basis. You won’t pay unless we win. 

Commercial Litigation 

Our law firm in Texas handles complex civil litigation and represents private and public interests in business disputes, class actions, antitrust litigation, whistleblower cases, false claims act litigation, securities litigation, and more. 

Business Litigation 

Nix Patterson offers clients contingency fee representation in complicated business and commercial litigation. We operate in state court, federal court, and arbitration proceedings around the globe. Our business litigation matters include breach-of-contract cases, insurance coverage disputes, whistleblower litigation, financial fraud, trade secret theft, securities litigation, and many other business oriented disputes.

Our talented lawyers have successfully fought against some of the fiercest and most well-funded law firms and defendants worldwide. In addition, Nix Patterson offers unparalleled legal representation if your entity or business has significant corporate assets at risk. 

Whistleblower and False Claims Act Litigation 

Nix Patterson maintains a strong team of Texas attorneys and staff who have successfully prosecuted countless whistleblower and False Claim Act (FCA) cases for people who are willing to step up and expose fraud. These “qui tam” cases are very nuanced and procedurally difficult. Most practicing lawyers have never handled one. If you’re thinking about blowing the whistle, you need an attorney who is intimately familiar with the procedural hoops of the FCA and other whistleblower laws and regulation. 

The FCA allows private individuals to blow the whistle on organizations and people who commit fraud against the government for financial gain. Our litigators have represented whistleblowers (known as “relators”) in False Claims Act lawsuits in many industries, including finance, banking, healthcare, oil and gas, accounting, and more. Our outstanding success record has made Nix Patterson a leading choice in FCA and whistleblower litigation nationally. 

Securities Litigation & Portfolio Monitoring

Nix Patterson is an elite law firm representing public and private investors in corporate governance and securities fraud cases in Texas and around the country. If you believe you have lost investment money or share value due to potential fraud, contact us soon for a free evaluation. We also monitor our investor-client’s portfolios for potential fraud and perform monthly analyses to keep them apprised of any abnormal behavior. 

We will shoot you straight. Our Texas clients know that Nix Patterson’s business model is not based on filing a high number of securities cases. Instead, we focus on strong claims with a high chance of success and offer some of the best legal representation in the country. 

Intellectual Property 

Our law firm in Texas has helped many small companies and individual inventors recover significant settlements and verdicts for intellectual property losses. Our successful cases include some of the most complex intellectual property lawsuits nationwide, including in Texas, Washington state, Pennsylvania, and elsewhere. Nix Patterson established an intellectual property practice decades ago, in the early days of the patent infringement boom in the Eastern District of Texas where we have regularly obtained multi-million dollar verdicts and settlements for our clients. We handle all types of intellectual property disputes, including patent, copyright, trademark, and trade secret cases.


American capitalism is built on a foundation of competition and free trade. The United States has laws preventing companies from monopolizing and colluding to exploit consumers. However, some companies are more interested in profits than antitrust laws. When they break the law, consumers and business owners can suffer harm. Nix Patterson understands the many economic and legal issues that influence various markets. Therefore, we can effectively prosecute anti-competitive practices that violate state and federal laws. 

Nix Patterson operates at the highest levels of the antitrust litigation landscape. For example, we have represented hundreds of merchants against significant credit card companies and banks regarding anticompetitive practices that resulted in significant losses. We confidentially resolved these claims for large airlines, online travel companies, hotel chains, and others. We have also represented consumers and state governments in significant antitrust litigation against major corporations. No case is too big or too complicated for us. 

Governmental and Sovereign Representation 

Our lawyers frequently represent counties, states, cities, and various sovereigns in litigation to obtain financial damages. When a government entity enters litigation, many PR, political, and policy issues must be considered. Nix Patterson has the experience, grit, and knowledge to represent government entities in lawsuits with positive outcomes successfully. 

One example is Nix Patterson’s successful litigation campaign against the opioid industry on behalf of the State of Oklahoma, where our team obtained over $1 billion for the State between 2019 and 2023. Another example is the lawsuit where Nix Patterson represented sovereign Native American Tribal Nations. In 2015, Nix Patterson resolved litigation for The Chickasaw Nation and Choctaw Nation. The case alleged that the US government did not protect trial interests when 1.3 million acres of tribal timberlands were sold between 1908 and 1940. The case settled for $186 million. 

Personal Injury 

Catastrophic Personal Injury 

Nix Patterson also represents wronged Texans in many catastrophic injury and wrongful death lawsuits. Our team has worked for those who were seriously injured and families of people killed by corporate wrongdoers or the negligent acts of others. 

In the last decade, we have assisted injured clients and their families in making substantial recoveries through settlements and verdicts in Texas personal injury cases. These cases included big rig crashes, defective products cases, and sexual abuse covered up by religious institutions. 

Toxic Tort and Environmental Contamination 

A toxic tort is a lawsuit for personal injury, property damage, or economic damage due to exposure to chemicals, pesticides, lead-based paint, etc. Nix Patterson’s Texas attorneys have represented victims in many toxic torts.

For example, we have a long history of prosecuting cases stemming from injuries from asbestos and silica exposure. Our legal team also represented residents in the community of Blackwell, Oklahoma for claims against businesses that contaminated their land with heavy metals, including lead and zinc. Because of the lawsuit, the negligent parties paid tens of millions to injured Oklahoma property owners. 

Dangerous Drugs and Medical Devices

Every year, defective prescription drugs and medical devices hurt thousands of people. Nix Patterson employs a team of mass tort lawyers to represent people harmed by dangerous medical devices and pharmaceuticals. All of our mass tort lawyers understand how important these cases are. Our team is dedicated to assisting victims and their families to receive justice for devastating injuries caused by drugs and devices they were told were safe. 

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