Oil and Gas Disputes

For years, NP has excelled at the highest levels of energy and natural resources litigation in jurisdictions across the country. Having worked on both sides of the docket, our energy litigation attorneys possess the know-how and experience to handle any dispute, including complex contractual disputes between operators and downstream servicers, oil and gas royalty class actions, and intellectual property litigation in the energy sector. NP’s lawyers understand that in this ever-evolving area of the law, effective attorneys must stay abreast of the legal landscape, changing industry standards, and advances in technology. This understanding, along with NP’s reputation as outstanding trial lawyers, has led NP to national recognition in energy and natural resources litigation and arbitration.

To develop the most compelling cases and arguments, our energy and natural resources department has established relationships with highly skilled and specialized engineers, geologists, energy economists, revenue accountants, and landmen. NP prides itself on assembling customized teams to resolve the unique energy disputes we are hired to litigate. Because NP’s attorneys are trial lawyers with decades of experience in complex oil and gas litigation, our clients know they can trust us with the most challenging cases.

Among other things, NP has led multiple, large recoveries on behalf of royalty owners across the country. For example, NP secured a $155 million settlement for a class royalty owners in Oklahoma against QEP Energy Company on allegations that QEP improperly paid royalty for years on end. This settlement amount included a cash payment of $115 million, as well as future benefits estimated by QEP to be worth at least $40 million. NP also obtained an $85 million cash settlement on behalf of royalty owners against Range Resources, alleging that Range misrepresented production and deduction amounts on royalty check stubs in a scheme to underpay royalty. These are just two examples of NP history of success in energy and natural resources litigation.


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