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Nix Patterson is a full-service national law firm representing clients in a diverse variety of litigation. Our attorneys never back down for a fight on behalf of our clients, providing fearless legal representation on your behalf. There is no case too big or too small for our attorneys, who fight on behalf of every client that comes through our doors.

Although every case is unique, there are several types of cases we see on a regular basis in Broken Arrow. Let’s discuss some of them now.

Broken Arrow Personal Injury Cases We Typically Handle

When you have been injured by someone else’s actions, they may owe you a substantial sum of money. First, you would need to go through a legal process where you would need to prove that they were to blame for the accident. Second, you would need to fight for every dollar you deserve because the responsible party will make it hard for you to get. In some cases, there may be a company responsible for your injury, and there may be even higher stakes.

Since there is little that you can do on your own when you are injured and lack knowledge of the legal process, you need to rely on an attorney who will fight for you. The attorneys at Nix Patterson devote themselves tirelessly to standing up for our clients’ legal rights in a variety of scenarios when they have been harmed by someone else’s wrongdoing.

Truck Crashes

As a motorist, you must share the road with extremely large trucks that can weigh as much as 80,000 pounds. These trucks may be operated by truck drivers who are either inexperienced or in a hurry. Truck accidents can cause serious injuries that result in significant damages and harm to you or a loved one.

Truck accident lawsuits are high-stakes cases. Because there is often a trucking company involved, there is likely a large amount of money available to pay for your damages. In some cases, there may even be multiple parties who were to blame for the accident. However, you are also dealing with a more complex case that may be contested. It is vital that you hire a truck accident lawyer who can investigate the cause of the accident and help you learn how much your case is worth. Then, your attorney would file a truck accident claim or lawsuit on your behalf, seeking the full amount of compensation that you are due.

Oil Field Injuries

Oil field work is among the most dangerous professions in the country. There are many dangers in an oil field, including heavy equipment and volatile chemicals that are under pressure. In the meantime, oil drillers and other companies who are present may be cutting corners in the name of profits. There are many ways that oil field workers can be injured on the job.

If a third party who is not your employer was to blame for your oil field injury, you would be able to file a lawsuit. Oil field cases may involve complex facts because you would need to demonstrate exactly how someone was negligent. In addition, you would need to pinpoint who you are able to sue. An oil field accident lawyer would investigate what happened and compile the evidence that you need to prove your case.

Catastrophic Injuries

A catastrophic injury is defined as one that is severe and happens to a vital body part. These injuries will result in long-lasting harm that will change the course of your life. Catastrophic injury cases would likely result in higher compensation if you are able to prove that someone else was to blame.

These lawsuits often take longer because of the amount of money involved in the case. It is crucial that you know how much compensation you should seek. An attorney could work with expert witnesses to determine the amount of your damages before filing a lawsuit on your behalf. It is crucial that your lawyer fight for every dollar that you deserve because you will need this money in the future. Our attorneys can work with expert witnesses to learn the exact value of your case and will not stop fighting until you get what you deserve.

Sexual Abuse Cases

If you have been the victim of sexual abuse, you may be entitled to substantial financial compensation. Instead of suing the perpetrator, you would file a lawsuit against the institution or employer for whom they worked. Not only would the employer be liable through principles of agency law, but they would also fail to take action to protect you from harm. With more attention being focused on sexual abuse, more people are coming forward to seek the compensation that they deserve.

If you were the victim of child sex abuse, you have until two years after the date that you turned 18 to file a lawsuit to get justice and accountability. If you are an adult victim of sexual abuse, you can also bring legal action. Sexual abuse lawsuits can be difficult because you may relive much of the trauma, but they are necessary for compensation. Our attorneys will handle your case in a diligent and compassionate manner while fighting for justice on your behalf.

We don’t only cover injury cases, though. Nix Patterson’s legal team are skilled in handling complex litigation in the following areas:

Dangerous Drug and Medical Device Litigation

The manufacturers of medical devices and drugmakers often earn outsize profits, and sometimes, these profits come at the expense of your safety and well-being. You may realize years after you have taken a drug or used a medical device that the product you trusted has harmed you. Then, you can file a product liability lawsuit against the manufacturer or anyone who was involved in the stream of commerce, seeking compensation for your injuries.

Drug and medical device litigation can be complex, and you need an attorney who has experience in these lawsuits. These are often mass tort lawsuits in which the defendant will fight with everything they have because they know the stakes at hand. Our attorneys relentlessly take on the big corporations to hold them accountable for their misdeeds. You may be entitled to significant compensation when you have been injured by a product, and we will fight for it.

Civil Litigation

Civil litigation involves controversies between two parties when one or both are seeking monetary damages or an injunction. These lawsuits are complex, and they can involve many considerations. You may have rights under a contract or based on your relationship with someone else.

Your rights to an idea or design of yours could also be at stake when someone else is violating them. Our attorneys rely on a pragmatic yet aggressive approach to obtain the best possible outcome for you in a civil litigation case.

Securities Litigation and Portfolio Monitoring

If you are a shareholder, you may have legal remedies when the company in which you own stock has violated securities law. You may be able to recoup some or all of your losses through shareholder litigation. An attorney would help you file a class action lawsuit on behalf of similarly situated shareholders who have lost money from things such as inaccurate financial statements and misleading representation. Defendants often settle these lawsuits, and we are fully prepared to fight in court if necessary.

A portfolio monitoring attorney tracks a portfolio for evidence of securities fraud or wrongdoing. In some cases, you may not even know that someone’s actions are costing you money, and we can help pinpoint what has happened. Institutional and individual investors often require someone with knowledge to monitor their portfolio to look for evidence of fraud, and they can help you take action.

Complex Commercial and Business Litigation

Business litigation adds another layer of complexity to a court case. First, the defendant would likely have sophisticated counsel of their own who will vigorously defend their client. Second, the nature and volume of the evidence in your case can be both different and far more extensive than other types of litigation. There are high stakes for everyone involved. The attorneys at Nix Patterson are up to the task, and we have gone the distance with some of the nation’s largest companies.

Intellectual Property

As a business, you have made a major investment in your intellectual property and trade secrets. The last thing that you want or need is for someone else to take advantage of the work that you have done. When someone has infringed on your intellectual property, you have the right to take legal action. You can recover damages in a lawsuit if you are successful. In some cases, you may even recover triple damages if you can prove an intentional violation of your intellectual property rights.

Intellectual property lawsuits can be difficult because they require a deep knowledge of scientific principles. You would also need to handle the defenses raised that may challenge your cases, such as when the defendant argues that their product or idea is different from yours. Intellectual property cases are often drawn out and involve multiple levels of appeal. The hope is that you are able to resolve the situation without the need for litigation, but our attorneys are prepared for whatever may happen.

Class Actions

There are times when a business’ actions may harm a large number of people in the same exact way. For example, a business may have sold a product that did not live up to the benefit of the bargain you thought you got. The product could have injured a large number of people.

Class action lawsuits are a way for you to act efficiently because they are filed as a single case. There is strength in numbers, and you can make a much stronger showing in the process when the case is larger. There is a reason why companies do everything that they can to keep you from filing a class action case.

Nix Patterson has experience in many large class action lawsuits, where we take on the largest companies. We have helped clients to numerous multimillion-dollar recoveries against powerful businesses, where we had the acumen and resources to hold them accountable.


Federal law strictly prohibits businesses from taking certain anti-competitive actions. Some businesses may be acting as illegal monopolies or acting to suppress competition in the marketplace. Companies engage in other illegal practices, such as price fixing and non-compete agreements. You can file a civil lawsuit against the company if you have suffered damages.

Federal law even allows you to receive triple damages when you can prove antitrust violations. Antitrust lawsuits can be individual or class action. Interpretations of antitrust laws are continuously shifting, and your attorney is aware of current case law and the most effective means of holding companies responsible.

Sensitive Client Representation

Every lawsuit is crucial, but there are some cases that may require even more sensitivity. Our clients may be in a difficult position, or they could be facing steep consequences. These types of cases may require more strategy and a multi-faceted approach to manage some of the additional considerations that go along with a lawsuit. Nix Patterson helps clients in tough situations through both litigation representation and tactical counsel aimed at getting results. 

Whistleblower and False Claims Act Litigation

Whistleblowers play an extremely important role in exposing acts of misconduct. They come forward to bring to light misdeeds that may otherwise never be known. Unfortunately, companies also retaliate against whistleblowers, including termination and other actions to tarnish their reputations. Federal and state laws allow whistleblowers to sue their company to recover the damages that they have suffered.

Federal law even allows people who come forward with allegations of corporate misconduct to receive part of the money that the federal government may recover. Whistleblowers can file a qui tam lawsuit, and they may receive a large amount of money when the government is able to get back some of what it lost from a false claim. These lawsuits require courage and an attorney who will aggressively pursue your case. Nix Patterson has a track record of success in these cases.

Crisis Management 

When a client has a crisis, there are numerous facets of the situation to consider. Of course, there is a legal aspect to consider because they may face consequences. Then, there is a public relations aspect of the case because the client needs to control the narrative and protect their own reputation. You need the help of an experienced attorney who can provide you with both counsel and strategic advice, both in the court of law and the court of public relations.

The lawyers at Nix Patterson are deeply familiar with both the litigation process and any ramifications of the crisis that you face. Not only will we work to protect your legal rights and interests, but we will also give you tactical advice to manage the situation. We are on call and available to you whenever you need us.

Governmental and Sovereign Representation

Governments may need to take civil action against entities for breaking the law. Governments have filed lawsuits for mass torts against businesses that have led to large recoveries. The attorneys at Nix Patterson have played a major role in many of the major lawsuits filed on behalf of the government in recent years. For example, our attorneys helped the state of Texas recover over $17 billion in tobacco litigation.

Our attorneys also helped Florida hold British Petroleum accountable in the events surrounding the Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill. Companies defend large-scale litigation with every resource available to them, and Nix Patterson has the ability and resources to act on behalf of states and governmental entities that seek to hold big businesses accountable for their wrongful actions.

Need Legal Representation in Broken Arrow? Nix Patterson Can Help

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