Class Actions

One of the most common, but challenging, areas of complex litigation Nix Patterson handles is class actions. Class actions often involve deceptive, unfair, and fraudulent business practices by large corporations. In a class-action lawsuit, a small number of plaintiffs represent a larger group of individuals who have similar claims, which combines potentially thousands of lawsuits into a single legal action. Class action cases are often useful in making major corporations accountable for their actions. Without class actions, these corporations would likely outspend and outlast a single plaintiff.

Nix Patterson maintains a nationwide class action practice representing consumers, including insurance policyholders and oil and gas royalty owners. These cases are typically hard-fought and expensive. Joining together with similar individuals and backed by Nix Patterson’s expansive resources, our clients can level—and often tilt—the playing field in their favor.

Nix Patterson Maintains a Nationwide Class Action Practice Representing Consumers, Including Insurance Policyholders and Oil and Gas Royalty Owners.

Examples of our class action success include a series of nationwide class settlements related to insurance claims underpayments; a nationwide class settlement for clients of the “Big Four” accounting firms alleging improper kickbacks; multiple class action settlements against major energy companies on behalf of royalty owners; and a settlement involving both significant cash payments and property remediation against an international conglomerate based on the improper operation and clean up of a zinc smelter.


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