Oil and Gas Dispute Class Actions

Oil and gas companies are among the most influential and wealthy organizations on earth. And unfortunately, some of them are not above taking shortcuts to boost their earnings. While oil and gas companies have a legal duty to protect the environment and landowners’ interests, some try to skirt these obligations.

Failing to abide by oil regulations can show up in many ways, including avoiding fair royalty payments and engaging in other negligent and intentional practices that disregard environmental regulations. They hope no one will notice, ask questions, or fight back.

When individuals, businesses, or communities affected by oil and gas companies decide to act and bring a class action lawsuit, big oil and gas companies can afford the most aggressive legal defense teams to avoid paying out what they owe.

Going against such companies requires having a world-class law firm in your corner. The vast experience and deep oil and gas knowledge of the attorneys at Nix Patterson enable us to handle complex oil and gas class action lawsuits affecting all jurisdictions.

From compliance counseling to arbitration, settlement negotiations, motion practices, trials, and appeals, Nix Patterson is a full-service litigation firm capable of taking on complex oil and gas class action lawsuits. We are committed to holding oil and gas companies accountable and helping families and communities protect their land and the planet for future generations.

Providing Legal Solutions for All Oil and Gas Issues

It is crucial to consult with an attorney regarding oil and gas issues since the oil and gas industry is complex and constantly evolving. Our oil and gas lawyers have years of experience handling every aspect of transactions and litigation related to oil and gas issues. We are ready to come to you regardless of where you are, offering you practical legal solutions if you are affected by Big Oil.

Scope of Representation and Clients We Represent

Nix Patterson has proven experience working on oil and gas class action lawsuits. Our attorneys care about the little guy and are committed to building long-term relationships with our clients by finding cost-effective and practical solutions to their problems.

In addition to our oil and gas lawsuit experience, our firm also deals with commercial litigation and insurance disputes, creating a distinct resource base to assist our clients. Our attorneys routinely negotiate and effectively litigate oil and gas class action lawsuits for our clients, including landowners and other individuals such as owners of oil and gas interests, small independent producers, and all entities involved in the exploration, production, refining, marketing, and supply of oil and gas.

We represent clients in oil and gas class action lawsuits stemming from different types of claims encountered in the oil and gas industry, including:

  • Oil and gas royalty disputes
  • Surface damages
  • Pollution claims
  • Ownership disputes
  • Property damage
  • Title and lease disputes
  • Environmental, health, and safety issues
  • Saltwater disposal well agreements
  • Water use agreements
  • Pipeline explosions
  • Contractors’ duties and obligations
  • Ownership of intellectual property rights

Oil and Gas Class Action ADR (Alternative Dispute Resolution) and Litigation

The commercial litigators at Nix Patterson bring extensive settlement negotiation and courtroom experience to every oil and gas dispute we handle. This experience allows us to advise our clients on the appropriateness, timing, and pros and cons of using different alternative dispute resolution methods to advance a class action lawsuit toward resolution.

Suppose judicial proceedings and litigation are the only way to resolve a class action lawsuit. In that case, Nix Patterson will proudly advocate for all parties who have a stake in or are affected by the oil and gas industry. We have built a reputation as tenacious trial lawyers with a track record of success. Our class action team is fully prepared to take on Big Oil and protect our clients’ interests in court.

Common Oil and Gas Class Action Lawsuits We Handle

Examples of common oil and gas class action lawsuits that may arise in the energy industry include the following:

Oil and Gas Property Damage Lawsuits

When one leases their property for exploration, they allow the lessee the right to drill on the property. While various regulations and statutes are in place to prevent environmental damage caused by these operations, oil spills, wastewater, and drilling fluids still leak. These spills can expose your family, livestock, and crops to toxins.

These leaks can also pollute neighboring properties, causing substantial damage. While accidents occur during drilling operations, most drilling companies intentionally ignore the environmental guidelines or act negligently, causing property damage. These cases can quickly become complex legal situations, resulting in an oil and gas property damage class action.

Whether you are a local oilfield resident, surface owner, operator, or mineral owner, Nix Patterson can help you if you are involved in an oil and gas property damage class action lawsuit.

Oil and Gas Royalty Lawsuits

Oil and gas companies should pay landowners total royalties for extracting resources on their land. Unfortunately, that isn’t always the case. There are often disagreements about how oil and gas royalties should be managed. These disagreements can happen between operators and people who own mineral rights, or between the beneficiaries of a lease.

The aggressive commercial litigators at Nix Patterson can represent clients in oil and gas class action lawsuits arising from different royalty disputes, such as:

  • Disputes between production companies and lease beneficiaries.
  • Disputes over the market value of gas and oil.
  • Delayed or non-payment of royalties.
  • Discrepancies between lease provisions and a division order.

Oil and Gas Environmental Litigation

Have you been affected by soil, water, or air pollution caused by an oil and gas company? Has fracking or a gas or oil spill damaged your home or business property? Nix Patterson is dedicated to obtaining the desired results for clients facing various environmental pollution-related matters.

Oil and gas companies must comply with pollution laws stipulated by the Environmental Protection Agency. Our attorneys have in-depth knowledge of state and federal environmental regulations governing the oil and gas industry and represent clients in all pollution law compliance issues, from air pollution to soil pollution.

We can assist clients with different oil and gas environmental lawsuits, such as:

  • Oil and gas leaks
  • Surface damages
  • Saltwater and groundwater pollution

Oil and Gas Case Results

The Nix Patterson class action team approaches every oil and gas lawsuit with strategic focus, unrelenting advocacy, and thorough preparation. That’s why individuals and businesses hurt by powerful oil and gas companies have trusted us to represent them and fight for their interests in their most challenging litigation matters. A winning record equips the Nix Patterson oil and gas litigation team for evolving challenges.

Some of our previous oil and gas class action lawsuit cases include:

Get in Touch With an Oil and Gas Litigation Attorney Today

Oil and gas class action lawsuits are complex cases requiring the services of tried and seasoned attorneys. Oil and gas companies will withhold vital documents and records proving their misconduct. Still, statutes of limitations can creep up quickly and affect your claim.

Backed by the firm’s established oil and gas law expertise, Nix Patterson’s trial attorneys have effectively advocated for plaintiffs against the world’s most powerful energy and oil and gas companies in litigating various industry-linked lawsuits in state and federal courts and various arbitration settings.

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