Investor Services

Our investor clients can login here to track their portfolio monitoring services and review reports from Nix Patterson.

Each day, Nix Patterson conducts comprehensive, portfolio monitoring services for our institutional clients. Through this free service, we help our clients watch for significant events that may affect their portfolios because of corporate fraud or malfeasance. We use this system to report to our clients when they have suffered a loss because of apparent fraud and to help them evaluate their options and duties in addressing such losses.

We are always mindful that our clients are not in the “litigation business.” Our clients have many duties to their beneficiaries that have nothing to do with litigation. Litigation is, and should be, an option of last resort. Therefore, we are extremely careful in evaluating each significant loss to determine whether it resulted from real fraud or simply normal market fluctuations. Even when we believe a client has suffered material losses due to real fraud, we are always sensitive to each client’s philosophical and policy interests as well.

Due to Nix Patterson’s financial resources and diverse array of practice areas, we are not dependent upon filing a large volume of securities fraud cases. Rather, we can be selective about the litigation we recommend and ultimately file—elevating quality over quantity. This approach stands in stark contrast to many securities law firms, who often focus on filing as many securities fraud cases as possible to increase the firm’s own bottom line.

With Nix Patterson, each of our clients knows that we will only recommend litigation when it is unequivocally in the client’s best interest. As a result, we can provide unparalleled, unbiased, and focused service to our clients. When it is necessary for our clients to turn to litigation, they know they can trust Nix Patterson to handle the case appropriately. Because we are a firm of trial attorneys with a diverse range of trial experience, our opponents in securities and corporate governance cases know that we can and will take them to trial if necessary.

Investor Services

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