Co-Counsel & Joint Ventures


A Long History of Co-Counseling Cases

Nix Patterson has a 40-year history of co-counseling cases with other attorneys. Our co-counsel and joint venture partners have earned hundreds of millions of dollars in attorney fees from the cases they entrusted to us.

For decades, attorneys from across the country have looked to Nix Patterson to joint-venture complex and important litigation. The attorneys we work with know that we value and honor the concept of co-counseling. Our co-counsel and joint venture partners know that the best interests of the client and their case are always paramount to us. Whether you seek our involvement at the earliest stages, when your case is called to trial, or anywhere in between, Nix Patterson has the resources and experience to ensure your client has the best chance of success.

Nix Patterson has co-counseled both with traditional plaintiffs’ lawyers and large national firms who traditionally represent corporate clients. To support our commitment to co-counseling on important cases, Nix Patterson developed and uses proprietary client management software designed to efficiently and effectively collaborate with co-counsel.

We Pay Substantial Co-Counsel Fees

Many of our results are joint ventures where Nix Patterson worked closely with other firms, funding the entire litigation in most instances. Even when Nix Patterson funds the entire litigation, our co-counsel agreements are generous and recognize the importance of everyone’s role. Those are not our words—they are the words of those co-counsel who come back to us time and again with their cases. The following are a few examples of significant co-counsel fees we have paid over the years:

  • In litigation against a major international oil company, our co-counsel was paid more than $40 million in attorneys’ fees.
  • In a series of class actions related to the use of computerized insurance claims adjustment software, our co-counsel received court approved attorneys’ fees of more than $100 million.
  • In a class action addressing the adjustment of structural loss claims, our co-counsel also received more than $100 million in attorneys’ fees.
  • Our energy and natural resource group has paid out more than $50 million in co-counsel fees in the last five years.

Joint Responsibility

Because of the value we add to complex litigation, Nix Patterson believes our clients and co-counsel end up in a better position by working with Nix Patterson on a collaborative basis. Nix Patterson only enters into legitimate co-counsel arrangements where all attorneys share joint responsibility for the client.


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