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To achieve the best results in today’s legal environment, a contingency fee law firm must have the ability to stand toe-to-toe with the biggest and most powerful defendants in the world and the giant hourly fee law firms they hire. A firm must be able to invest in long and expensive litigation, find key evidence and contact witnesses no matter where they are located, and engage with leading expert witnesses wherever they may be based. A firm must be able to file a case and prosecute it anywhere in the country, utilizing technology to bring a case to life for a jury. At Nix Patterson, we have the resources and technology necessary to achieve these things, and more. 

Expert Staff

Between our four offices, we maintain a support staff of over 60 employees trained to help us successfully pursue your case. Our support staff consists of skilled paralegals, caseworkers, nurses and consultants. Our team works closely with our partner and associate attorneys to achieve results that matter for our clients.


In today’s world, valuable time can be lost due to the long delays associated with commercial travel. Our private jets, staffed by full-time pilots, are always ready to take us anywhere on a moment’s notice. When we discover a key piece of evidence or an important witness, we get there immediately. While other attorneys are waiting in line at the airport, we are already in the air. We can get there fast, and get there first. No evidence, no witness, and no venue is beyond our reach.


Nix Patterson, LLP invests in the most recent trial technology, including advanced computer systems, document databases, analytics, cloud storage, and evidence presentation software. In the past five years, Nix Patterson has invested over $2 million in advanced technology to support our clients’ cases. Nix Patterson faces the largest and most sophisticated law firms and opponents in the world. As a result, we use and master advanced technology to give our clients an advantage at the courthouse.


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