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What Happens if a Family Member Dies in an Auto Accident?

Most Americans rely on cars in their daily lives. The downside is that accidents happen frequently, and they can potentially turn lives upside down — especially when an accident is deadly. More than 42,000 Americans died in traffic accidents in

Difference Between Construction Claims and Disputes

Construction contracts are legally binding agreements made between two or more parties to perform certain tasks and services related to a construction project. They are often very detailed and comprehensive, including provisions for payment, deadlines, quality standards, and even claims

What Is a Whistleblower?

Many people have heard the term “whistleblower” in the news, but what does it mean, exactly? The simplest definition of a whistleblower is someone reporting waste, fraud, abuse, or corruption to someone in authority who can correct the wrongdoing. Learn

OSHA Whistleblower Program

Whistleblowers provide a critical service to the American public when they report evidence of waste, fraud, abuse, mismanagement, and other wrongdoing. As a result, numerous federal agencies have passed many whistleblower laws, including the Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA). 

What Are Royalties Interest Deductions?

If you own land and receive oil and gas royalties in New Mexico or Oklahoma, understanding the structure of your royalty payment can be confusing. Numerous factors are at play, and you need an intimate knowledge of the legalities governing