How to start a class action lawsuit

Every day, corporate greed harms people and communities in America. While not every business is a bad one, many companies engage in environmental damage, deceptive advertising, employee discrimination, and other harmful practices. When these practices are against the law, the

How to Join a Class Action Lawsuit

If you’ve ever received a mass email about a data breach, or seen an advertisement about mesothelioma, you may have wondered how exactly class action lawsuits work, and if you could be a potential member yourself. Class action lawsuits cover

What are non-operating working interests?

When you have oil or gas interests, you also have the opportunity for significant profits. The term “black gold” was coined for a reason. However, you may have legal questions about the financial side of oil and gas deals, such

What Is Statutory Interest?

If you are entitled to royalty payments under an oil and gas lease, the oil and gas company must pay you within certain time limits set out by state law. Usually, the oil and gas company has a few months

What Are Overriding Royalties Interests?

An ORRI is an undivided interest in a mineral lease that gives you the right to a proportional share of the gas and oil that is produced. The overriding royalty interest is carved from the lease or working interest. Learn