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Nix Patterson, LLP’s Class Action Settlement With DCP Approved

On June 29, 2021, Nix Patterson, LLP obtained final approval of a class action settlement on behalf of royalty owners in Oklahoma for $9.9 million. In the case, Nix Patterson sought to recover amounts of unpaid interest owed on late payments to owners of oil and gas proceeds in Oklahoma. The Honorable Judge Joe Heaton granted final approval. In his Orders related to the Settlement, Judge Heaton noted:

  • “The settlement amount is an exceptional result in the circumstances of this case and by comparison to the results in other similar class action cases.”
  • “Further, the experience, reputation and abilities of Class Counsel are of the highest caliber. Courts in both the Eastern and Western Districts of Oklahoma are familiar with the work of the Nix Patterson and Whitten Burrage firms in class actions involving the oil and gas industry and their work is consistently outstanding.”              
Final Approval
Final Approval
Attorneys' Fees Order
Attorneys’ Fees Order

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