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Tennessee Jury Awards $4.75 Million in NPR Nursing Home Case

While a resident at Lifecare Center of Elizabethton, Earl McLemore was neglected and developed a massive State IV pressure sore on his sacral region.  During his 13 days at Lifecare, Mr. McLemore was also allowed to develop a serious infection and became malnourished.  Two local treating physicians testified that Mr. McLemore’s marked deterioration was preventable

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NPR Obtains $27 Million Verdict in Patent Infringement Case

This was the first of DataTreasury’s lawsuits to go to trial over alleged infringement of its patents covering technology used to process checks. The jury fully validated the claims of DataTreasury’s two patents being litigated, and found that U.S. Bank, Viewpoint Archive Services, and The Clearing House Payments Company jointly infringed on those patents. DataTreasury

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