Mortar Mixer Death Case

When Jesus Martinez was trapped and killed by a mortar mixer on his first day working as a brick layer’s helper, NP stepped in to help his widow, Brenda Valdez-Martinez, and his children, Aaron, Jonathon, and Evelyn Martinez. The brick-layer was judgment proof and had no workers compensation insurance, and the mortar mixer manufacturer was defunct. Nix Patterson turned their attention to the seller of the mortar mixer and developed evidence demonstrating that the mixer was unreasonably dangerous because it had no emergency cut-off switch, no guard to prevent a worker from being caught by the mixer, and was powerful enough to crush a worker’s chest. Such dangerous equipment is not allowed to exist in any other industry. Nix Patterson is convinced that dangerous machines such as this mortar mixer are allowed to exist because many manual laborers are poorly educated and often immigrants who do not know their rights, but are treated as disposable if they are injured. Nix Patterson has a history of fighting for hard-working, blue collar workers, who are often treated as disposable by their employers and the industries that profit from their efforts. We’ve specifically focused on dangerous construction equipment, fall protection, and environmental issues.