Nix Patterson, LLP

Dangerous Drug and Medical Device Litigation


Every year, tens of thousands of people are harmed by prescription drugs and implanted medical devices. NP devotes a team of experienced mass tort attorneys to represent those injured by dangerous pharmaceuticals and medical devices. Every NP mass tort attorney understands the significance of these cases. We are dedicated to helping victims and their families achieve justice for injuries caused by drugs and devices which they were led to believe were safe.

Because these cases involve thousands of victims, they are typically consolidated before one judge, who picks steering committees to further the claims of all those injured or killed. NP attorneys have been appointed to leadership positions on steering committees in litigations ranging from Phen-Fen in the 1990s to Lipitor and Granuflo today.

NP represented hundreds of women who received silicone breast implants, which caused severe health problems. Over the course of this litigation, NP made significant recoveries for our clients. We were also chosen by the States of Alaska, Montana, and Utah in litigation against pharmaceutical manufacturers for false marketing and labeling of atypical antipsychotic drugs.