Nix Patterson, LLP

Intellectual Property


The United States has evolved into a powerful idea economy. To incentivize people to create powerful ideas, our laws provide protections in the form of patents, copyrights, trademarks, and trade secrets. Unfortunately, and all too frequently, competitors would rather take an idea than pay for it. And many times, they get away with it if the inventor does not have the financial means to fight back. That is where NPR can help.

Over the last decade, we have helped individual inventors and small companies recover significant sums to compensate for the taking of their intellectual property. NPR partners Michael Angelovich and Derek Gilliland specialize in the protection of intellectual property. These attorneys include registered patent attorneys and former federal district court and appellate clerks with backgrounds including electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, computer engineering, and chemistry. NPR handles intellectual property matters on a contingency-fee basis. Individuals and companies who have had their ideas wrongfully taken do not have to worry whether they can afford an attorney.

NPR has handled intellectual property matters across the country from Pennsylvania to Texas to Washington state and many other locations in between. Through these efforts, NPR has obtained multi-million dollar verdicts for its clients. NPR has a long history of being willing and able to take high-stakes intellectual property cases to trial and beyond.

Two notable cases are Syntrix Biosystems and DataTreasury. When Syntrix’s invention was taken by a multi-billion company, Syntrix did not have the financial resources to fight back. NPR was able to provide those resources and engaged in multi-year litigation that resulted in a verdict in the Western District of Washington for $95,795,507 that was enhanced to $115,106,105 with an 8% running royalty.

When DataTreasury discovered that that the largest banks in the country took its intellectual property, it did not have the financial means to fight back. NPR represented DataTreasury on a multi-year campaign that lasted more than a decade and involved dozens of defendants. As part of that campaign, NPR obtained a verdict in the Eastern District of Texas for $27 million that was enhanced to $54 million. Through its efforts, NPR recovered millions more for DataTreasury through a series of settlements in addition to that jury verdict.