Nix Patterson, LLP

Sexual Abuse


It’s disturbing to think about, but many children and young adults are sexually abused within their religious house of worship, and many times by the very people they trust. While it is hard to imagine a man of the cloth preying on the innocence of our children, sexual abuse within the clergy, priesthood and religious settings happens all too often.

NPR is dedicated to protecting the rights of children who have been sexually violated in Texas and throughout the United States by:

  • Pastors, preachers, and evangelists
  • Youth ministers, music leaders, and assistant pastors
  • Deacon and church elders
  • Clergy and priests
  • Member of church or religious organization
  • Employees of the church
  • Church school employees
  • Church child care workers

The religious affiliation of a church, whether Protestant, Catholic or other denomination, has no bearing on where predators will attack. The trauma and scars tied to these crimes can take years to work through. Frequently, the church and its staff tries to shuffle the problem under the carpet. We won’t let that happen.

NPR is dedicated to helping in every aspect of putting a child’s life and their family’s life back together. If you or a family member have been a victim of sexual abuse at your church, by clergy, a worker or volunteer, contact our clergy abuse lawyers for a confidential consultation.