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Let’s say you were involved in a wreck with a truck while traveling along one of East Texas’s roads. You have painful injuries to deal with, and as bad as it is, that’s not all. How are you going to work? And what about paying the piling medical bills? You’re left asking, “Where do I start?”

If you want justice after a truck accident in East Texas but don’t know how to get it, turn to the skilled and compassionate East Texas truck accident attorneys from Nix Patterson. At Nix Patterson, we are ready to fight for your rights after a truck wreck, aggressively approaching every personal injury case.

Whether the cause of your crash was driver-related or vehicle-related, we have the resources and dedication needed to thoroughly investigate, research, and develop your case.

Get an East Texas Truck Accident Lawyer on Your Case Immediately

Many people hesitate to contact a lawyer after a large truck accident because they are not “one of those people who file lawsuits.” They fail to realize that as soon as the insurance companies and truck companies get word that one of their trucks was in a crash, their investigators and lawyers begin to mount a defense.

In fact, investigators and attorneys from trucking companies and insurance companies go to the wreck scene right away to collect evidence and minimize their responsibility. Time matters. So, the important question is, “Do you want to be the only party involved in a truck accident without a lawyer?” Ideally, you want to have an experienced truck accident attorney familiar with East Texas on your side to do the same for you before evidence starts to disappear.

Don’t hesitate to contact our East Texas truck wreck lawyers to gather and preserve evidence while the scene and records are intact. Once you hire the Nix Patterson team, we immediately jump into action to preserve evidence and protect your interests in your case.

During our investigation, we will work with accident reconstructionists, letting them investigate the vehicles involved and the scene of the crash. Some of the measures our attorneys and accident reconstructionists take to support your injury claim include, but are not limited to:

At the Accident Scene

The truck accident scene offers you the best opportunity to gather crucial physical evidence. During our investigation at the accident scene, we will:

  • Record vehicle positioning and skid marks
  • Laser map the scene
  • Locate witnesses and take witness statements

Research the Truck’s Inspection and Maintenance Records

A Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration report revealed surprising data regarding the most frequent truck driver violations in inspections. These violations included:

  • Failure to obey traffic control devices
  • Operating a commercial motor vehicle (CMV) without a CMV driver’s license
  • Lane restriction violation
  • Using a handheld mobile telephone while operating a CMV
  • Inoperative turn signal
  • Worn tires
  • Defective windshield
  • Brakes out of service

Our truck accident lawyers will subpoena the trucking company’s inspection and maintenance records to look for evidence of spotty maintenance history.

Request Access to the Truck’s “Black Box”

Most tractor-trailers and other large trucks have ECMs, or engine control modules. ECMs are electronic record-keeping devices that operate the same way as black boxes in airplanes. They may contain crucial data about the truck’s operation immediately before and during the time of the crash. We may uncover information regarding the truck’s speed, deceleration, acceleration patterns, and braking patterns.

The truck’s black box may also provide information about the truck’s condition, including the tire pressure and whether the engine was overheated.

Investigate the Truck Driver’s Log, Inspection Reports, and Cell Phone Records

Federal law requires that all trucking companies install electronic logging devices (ELDs) to manage, track, and record a truck driver’s service hours. This protects road users from overly fatigued truckers who might feel tempted to drive under pressure to meet tight schedules. We will demand the driver’s ELD and cell phone records to determine if a trucker was fatigued or texting while behind the wheel.

At Nix Patterson, we understand the urgency of gathering and preserving evidence after a truck accident. Our East Texas truck accident lawyers will write demand letters, subpoena police reports and trucking company records, and, if necessary, pursue temporary restraining orders to prevent the destruction of evidence. We understand that good evidence creates a strong foundation for your case and may improve your chances of receiving justice. So don’t delay reaching out to us about your case today.

Free Consultation With East Texas Truck Accident Lawyers and $0 Upfront Fees

Whatever caused your accident, whether it was a semi-truck crash on a state highway, a rear-end accident on an interstate highway, or another type of crash on a local street, we can obtain justice and financial accountability from those who caused your injuries.

At Nix Patterson, we care for you and will fight without charging any upfront fees. Once we determine why your injuries and losses occurred, we go after responsible parties, and if we don’t win, you pay nothing at all. We will work tirelessly and aggressively on your behalf.

Contact an East Texas Truck Accident Attorney You Can Trust

At Nix Patterson, our personal injury lawyers proudly serve car accident and truck accident victims in East Texas and are standing by to fight for the justice you deserve. You’re not alone. We’re ready to help you, no matter your financial situation. Let our skilled and compassionate truck accident lawyers help you through this difficult time.

Don’t wait. Let us provide the help you need. Call us today at 512-328-5333 or submit your case online to schedule a free, confidential consultation.


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