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From semi-truck wrecks on I-45 to T-bone crashes on Highway 6 and Bellaire Boulevard intersection, the potential for serious accidents in Houston is high. When a large truck is involved in a crash, the wreck is more severe than a typical car accident. You might be injured, you might be out of work, and the bills might be piling up.

It can be overwhelming.

At Nix Patterson, we understand the frightening and daunting nature of truck accidents. Our personal injury lawyers aim to strike a balance between providing you with the compassion, empathy, and attention you deserve and aggressively pursuing your injury claim.

Nix Patterson has helped pedestrians struck by tractor-trailers. We’ve helped motorcyclists and drivers hit by oil trucks and other large trucks on I-10. Houston residents rely on us for sound legal counsel and representation after horrific truck wrecks. You, too, can trust us to handle your personal injury case diligently.

Why You Should Hire Nix Patterson After a Houston Truck Accident

You deserve every advantage in your truck accident case, since this is your one opportunity to hold responsible parties accountable for your traumatic accident and devastating injuries. Here’s why you want the truck accident attorneys at Nix Patterson on your side:

  • We’re nationally recognized. Our attorneys are innovative, skilled, hardworking, and dedicated with a consistent track record of obtaining extraordinary client results.
  • Our law firm has achieved some of the highest settlements and verdicts in Texas and nationwide. We have won over $25 billion in financial awards for our clients by never letting them get bullied or settle for less.
  • Our team of lawyers isn’t afraid of tough cases. We have decades of combined experience handling complex legal cases like yours. If the other side is not playing fair, you can count on us to press harder for results.
  • We have the resources to go fight for you. If the other side makes threats or tries to get away with little to no responsibility, Nix Patterson will be tough and persistent in our response.

The truck accident lawyers at Nix Patterson in Houston refuse to let you get pushed around by insurance or trucking companies. We are skilled negotiators and litigators and never hesitate to go to trial if necessary. Put our tenacious approach and history of record-setting results to work for you.

What Causes Most Large Truck Accidents in Houston?

The Large Truck Crash Causation Study, published by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA), cited driver error as the leading cause of truck accidents. Out of the total number of large trucks involved in crashes, driver error accounted for 87% of the crashes. Here’s an overview of some of the leading causes of large-truck crashes in Houston:

Driver Non-Performance

Most truckers drive at night and travel long, difficult stretches of road. While the FMCSA does have regulations dictating the hours that a trucker should drive and when to take breaks, not all truck drivers follow these rules. Some truckers, facing pressure to hit tight deadlines, push beyond their limits. Overly fatigued truckers can fall asleep behind the wheel.

Alcohol and drugs can significantly impact a driver’s performance as well. Substances can affect a trucker’s reaction time, increase fatigue, cause blurred vision, impair judgment, and increase the risk of a truck wreck.

Distracted Driving

Driving a truck often means being alone on the road for hours on end, so it can be easy for truckers to get distracted while driving. Whether a truck driver texts and drives, eats a meal, daydreams, or takes a phone call, these distractions can prevent them from adequately observing situations on the road.


Speeding, driving too fast for the road and weather conditions, or following other vehicles too closely significantly increases the risk of truck-related collisions, and it’s easy to understand why. Trucks are heavy and large, which makes them extremely difficult to stop and maneuver. Speeding increases the likelihood that a truck will roll over, jackknife, T-bone other vehicles, or crash into fixed objects because the trucker can’t stop.

Insufficient Driver Training

When a truck driver overcompensates, panics, or fails to exercise the correct direction control, they increase the likelihood of a Houston truck accident. Truckers must have proper training and behind-the-wheel experience to prevent truck crashes.

How Nix Patterson Fights for You After a Truck Wreck

If you are involved in an accident with a large commercial truck, such as a semi-truck, 18-wheeler, or tractor-trailer, it is important to seek the help of a Houston truck accident lawyer right away to protect your future.

After a truck accident, insurance and trucking companies fight to protect their financial interests and won’t be interested in looking after your interests. They may try to offer you inadequate compensation or even reject your claim altogether. Working with our truck accident lawyers in Houston allows you to address these challenges.

Don’t risk getting less than you deserve. While you focus your attention and energy on recovering and healing from your injuries, our Houston truck accident attorneys will take all necessary actions to fight on your behalf, including:

  • Gather solid information and evidence to build a strong case
  • Find and interview any eyewitnesses
  • Identify any video recordings of the accident, whether from city street cameras, private establishments, or other sources
  • Conduct a thorough investigation of the accident’s circumstances to establish fault and collect the necessary evidence
  • Work with specialists such as doctors, mechanics, and traffic experts to accurately diagnose the damages suffered, helping us establish negligence beyond any reasonable doubt
  • Remain transparent and upfront, so you’re informed and involved throughout the process
  • Consult with a lawyer who can help fight for the damages you suffered through settlement negotiations with the insurance company or by filing an injury lawsuit in Houston courts

Contact a Houston Truck Accident Attorney To Find Out if You Have a Case

A truck accident can take a terrible toll. When you’re facing large corporations with deep pockets and powerful insurance companies with savvy defense attorneys, it’s imperative that you level the playing field. Nix Patterson has taken on large insurance and trucking companies in Houston, Dallas, East Texas, San Antonio, and across Texas and the region. We’ve seen how auto accidents can destroy lives and are committed to helping truck accident victims get back on their feet after a large-truck accident.

Speak with some of the finest attorneys in Texas about your Houston truck wreck by contacting 512-328-5333 today or filling out our online form.


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