Nix Patterson, LLP

January 14, 2016


NPR partner Brad Beckworth tried this case to judgment with co-counsel in this declaratory judgment action requesting the court declare the rights of royalty owners and the obligations of lessees on four key issues of Oklahoma royalty law relating to oil and gas lease interpretation, payment of royalty on fuel gas, payment of royalty under different forms of gas marketing agreements, and payment of statutory interest on late royalty payments. In 2012, NPR and its co-counsel achieved favorable declaratory summary judgment rulings for the plaintiffs on all four issues. The court’s declaratory summary judgment ruling on the payment of statutory interest was affirmed by the Oklahoma Court of Appeals, Division 1 and the Oklahoma Supreme Court.

In October 2015, NPR and its co-counsel successfully tried the remaining three declaratory judgment issues and the defendants’ counterclaim and achieved a favorable judgment for the plaintiffs on all four issues. NPR is one of the only firms to try a case to judgment concerning these critical issues of Oklahoma royalty law. This judgment will benefit over a million Oklahoma royalty owners.

NPR partner Brad Beckworth and associates Lisa Baldwin and Trey Duck led the prosecution of this case.