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NP’s Allstate Settlement Gets Preliminary Approval

After years of contentious litigation, on December 6, 2010 NP and its co-counsel received preliminary approval of a national class action settlement with Allstate and many its subsidiaries that write homeowner insurance. In 2004, NP brought suit alleging, on behalf of a proposed national class, that Allstate and its subsidiaries failed to properly pay general contractor’s overhead and profit on structural loss claims where three or more construction trades were involved in the estimated repair. NP is proud of the terms of the settlement proposed to the court-approved claimants will receive either 75% or 50% of the actual damages sustained, depending on the type of estimating software used during the adjustment of the claim. Although final calculations have not been made, based on the estimated size of the class, NP expects the total amount to be made available to the class to exceed $1 billion. NP anticipates bringing the matter for final approval in early 2011.

NP partner Michael Angelovich and associate Chad Ihrig are leading this litigation for NP.


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