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Burn Injury Lawyers Oklahoma City

Injuries are always painful, but burns are in a class of their own. Severe burns can be agonizing and traumatic, taking a terrible toll on you and your family as you recover and rebuild your life. If you or a loved one suffered burns in an accident caused by someone’s negligence or wrongful act, speak to Nix Patterson’s burn injury lawyers today to file a claim.

Causes of Burn Injuries in Oklahoma City

Flame, electrical, scalding injuries, and chemical burns happen daily and can affect anyone. These injuries can happen at home but also occur in many different settings. Some of the most common causes of severe burn injuries in Oklahoma City are:

Auto Accidents

In a car crash, gas in the fuel tank or engine can ignite and cause the vehicle to explode in flames. That’s what happened in a recent Oklahoma City car accident and the resulting fire left one dead and one injured near Northeast 36th St. and North Lincoln Blvd. Across the US, fires in motor vehicles account for about 16% of all fires to which fire departments respond annually.

Apartment and Hotel Fires

Apartment and hotel fires can happen anywhere, and Oklahoma City is no exception, such as at Warwick Apartment Homes near Northwest Expressway and Putnam Green Apartments in May 2023. Overall there were 95,500 apartment structure fires in 2011  in the United States, leading to 4,400 injuries. Also, firefighters respond to about 3,520 structure fires yearly at motels and hotels. So, approximately one out of 12 motels or hotels report a fire in a typical year.

Defective Products

Dangerous products can overheat and catch fire, possibly causing severe burns. In addition, many defective products can cause burn injuries, especially products with batteries or powered with petroleum-based fuel, such as lawnmowers and weed trimmers.

Chemical Accidents

Chemical accidents occur not just in the workplace or lab but also in your home. For example, everyday household items like bleach and cleaning products can cause chemical burns.

Jobsite Fires

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, explosions and fires at job sites caused 76 fatalities in 2021 alone, and hundreds more were hurt.

Gas Explosions

Gas explosions are a growing concern because pipelines carrying oil and natural gas run across 2.6 million miles in the US. Many of these gas pipelines were built decades ago and may be prone to leaks. Explosions also can happen at worksites and from leaking gas grill propane tanks. In Oklahoma City in 2022, two workers were injured in a gas explosion near SE 149th and Douglas, suffering moderate injuries on their hands, arms, and backs of their necks.

Scalding Injuries

Children and older Americans are the most prone to scalding injuries from hot taps or boiling water.


Electrical burns can happen when a worker touches an active electrical line. Flash arc burns are also possible if someone is exposed to electricity at a construction site. If the person is electrocuted, severe injury and death can occur from damage to the body’s major systems.

Classifications of Burn Injuries in Oklahoma City

Burns are classified in the following stages, depending on their depth and how much they penetrate the skin:

  • First degree. This type of burn only affects the outer skin layer, also called the epidermis. Your burn site will be red, dry, painful, and without blisters. Mild sunburn is the most common first-degree burn.
  • Second degree. This burn involves both the epidermis and dermis. The burn site will be red, blistered, and could be painful and swollen.
  • Third degree. This severe burn destroys the epidermis and dermis. These burns also can damage bone, muscle, ligaments, and tendons. The burn site will look charred and white, and there will be no sensation because the nerves were destroyed.

If you have burns over more than 10% of your body, they are significant injuries and require hospitalization and extensive rehabilitation.

What to Do If You Are Injured by a Burn in Oklahoma City

You can take the steps below if you suffer a minor burn. But if the burn is more severe, you should go to the ER immediately. When you have burns that cover 10% or more of your body or they are deeper than the first layer of skin, the doctor may send you to a burn center:

  • Use water. Cool your burn by running cool water, or apply a damp washcloth to the area until the pain lessens.
  • Don’t touch blisters. Blisters shield your body from infection, so you shouldn’t break them.
  • Bandage the area. Cover your burn with sterile gauze and wrap it loosely so there is no pressure on the damaged skin.
  • Take pain relievers. Ibuprofen, naproxen sodium, or acetaminophen can reduce pain.

Who Can Be Held Liable for Burn Injuries?

Serious burn injuries can change your life forever. Sadly, many burn injuries are preventable and caused by others’ negligence. When another party’s negligence or wrongful actions leave you with severe burns, you can take legal action to obtain compensation for your injuries.

Many burn injuries are caused by someone’s negligence in an accident. For example, perhaps a car driver rear-ended you at a stop light, and the fuel tank ruptured and caught fire. Or maybe a homeowner hired an unlicensed electrician who did electrical work that sparked a fire. Regardless of how it happened, if another person or business was to blame for your injuries, you can hold them liable in a personal injury lawsuit.

Your Oklahoma City burn injury lawyer will review your case to determine who can be sued for damages. Liable parties could sometimes be people, companies, and even government entities. For example, if a defective airbag in a car accident burned your face during deployment, you may be able to sue the product manufacturer for negligence in a product liability claim.

Oklahoma Burn Injury Statistics

The Cleveland Clinic estimates that almost 500,000 Americans annually obtain medical care for accidental burns. Also, burn injuries leading to injury and death happen yearly in Oklahoma. In this state, 6,803 people were hospitalized or died from burn injuries or smoke inhalation between 1988 and 2000.

Contact Our Oklahoma City Burn Injury Lawyers Today

If you were injured in a fire or related accident and suffered severe burns, our legal team may be able to assist. Our Oklahoma City burn injury attorneys will review your case and determine if a person, entity, or manufacturer is liable for your injuries. Contact Nix Patterson’s burn injury attorneys today for a complimentary consultation.


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