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Head on Collision Lawyers

Picture driving on a highway in your community at 50 MPH. Suddenly, you see a car driving in the wrong direction towards you. Before you can take evasive action, the vehicle slams into yours. The impact is terrifying and deafening, and while you survive, you have multiple broken bones, head trauma, and PTSD.

If the other driver caused the accident, a Nix Patterson head-on collision car accident attorney may help you obtain compensation for your losses. Our attorneys can review your head-on collision case today to determine if another party was at fault.

What Is a Head-On Collision?

A head-on crash is also called a frontal collision. It happens when two vehicles traveling in opposite directions slam into each other. The collision speed is doubled in these severe accidents involving two vehicles, so the resulting impact can be devastating and often fatal. Also, a car hitting a tree, concrete barrier, or other stationary object is called a head-on collision.

Common Causes of Head-On Collisions

Most head-on collisions occur because one driver travels in the wrong direction, usually by crossing the centerline or entering a highway in the wrong direction. Most head-on crashes are caused by one driver not exercising their duty of care and causing a severe accident. Common special causes of these incidents are:

Driver Distraction

Distracted driving is a regular danger to life and property and causes far too many head-on crashes. As cell phone and tablet use has risen, there are more traffic accidents as drivers are distracted. Texting, watching videos, or Web surfing while driving is hazardous and can cause a deadly head-on collision. Other causes of distracted driving crashes are eating and drinking, talking to passengers, falling asleep, and changing the radio.

Driving Under the Influence

Everyone knows how dangerous it is to drink and drive, but many head-on crashes are caused by driving under the influence. Drinking alcohol and taking drugs profoundly negatively affect driving skills, spatial awareness, and judgment. Many drunk drivers have no idea they are driving in the wrong direction.

Fatigued Driving

Driving a motor vehicle when you have had insufficient sleep can be just as dangerous as drinking and driving. Drowsy driving often occurs at night when most people are usually asleep. It can be challenging to stay awake between midnight and 4 a.m., which can cause the driver to nod off and cross into oncoming traffic. If you must drive at night, get plenty of sleep the day before, and take frequent coffee and rest breaks.


There are moments when a driver can get confused when driving at night or on an unfamiliar road. They can miss a sign and not realize they are driving in the wrong direction. For example, confusion over one-way roads is a common cause of head-on accidents. If you need to drive at night or in poor weather, be extra alert that you are driving in the right direction. Also, check the map or cell phone before leaving and ensure you understand your intended route.


It is well-known that speeding is dangerous. Speeding car operators are more likely to lose control and could veer into oncoming traffic. If two cars slam into each other at high speed, it is almost certain there will be severe injuries.

Illegal Passing

Many head-on collisions occur on rural roads where one driver passes when it is illegal or unsafe to do so. Drivers cannot pass when there is a double yellow line. Even passing legally on a rural, two-way road is risky, so only make your move when you are sure there is no oncoming traffic.

Common Injuries From Head-On Collisions

The injuries involved in head-on crashes are almost always severe or fatal. Most head-on crashes produce massive impact forces because the cars travel in opposite directions, doubling the impact. Common head-on crash injuries include:

  • Traumatic brain injuries
  • Spinal cord injuries
  • Internal bleeding and organ damage
  • Broken bones
  • Amputation injuries
  • Burns
  • Severe cuts and scrapes
  • Facial injuries

Damages from Head-On Collisions

Head-on crashes are rarer than other accidents but are the most harmful and deadly of all collisions. The Insurance Information Institute reports that only 2% of all US crashes were head-on, but they accounted for 10% of accident fatalities.

If you were in a head-on crash, there is a high probability of serious injuries that will require a long rehabilitation.

You may need ample compensation from the at-fault party to receive the necessary medical care and physical therapy required for the best outcome. Your car accident attorney will be a vital part of your financial recovery, so select an attorney with a strong track record in car accident settlements and verdicts.

How to Increase Your Head-On Crash Settlement

If you were in a head-on collision, you likely have serious injuries. Having the best recovery and outcome often hinges on obtaining the most for your settlement. You can help your attorney get more for your injuries by taking several actions:

Collect Documentation

Proving negligence in a head-on crash claim involves a lot of paperwork. The cost of your injuries will be a significant part of any settlement. The liable insurance company must pay the full cost of all reasonable medical care, even if the US government or private health insurance covers some of your care.

You need to keep careful track of all your medical expenses and documentation. Give your personal injury attorney every bill, invoice, and receipt you get for your medical care.

Next, you will probably have lost earnings, so collect your paystubs and other records that prove how much you make and your weekly hours. You could be entitled to future lost earnings, so this documentation is critical.

Show Your Pain and Suffering

Another essential part of your settlement for the head-on crash will be the pain and suffering from your injuries. These are usually severe injuries, and you could have a lot of pain and discomfort. Pain and suffering are subjective, so documentation is also crucial to proving your case. Take a video or keep a journal of your pain and discomfort.

Also, ensure your medical records detail the degree of pain you are experiencing from your head-on crash injuries.

Hire a Skilled Car Accident Lawyer

Finally, always hire an experienced car accident attorney from Nix Patterson to represent you. Insurance companies usually pay more when a skilled attorney represents the injured party. If more than one person is hurt in the accident, you will probably need your attorney to argue why you should receive a significant portion of the limited insurance funds.

Wrongful Death Head-On Crash Lawsuits

Sadly, many head-on crashes cause fatal injuries. If you are a surviving family member who lost a loved one in a violent head-on collision, it is difficult to handle legal and insurance issues as you are grieving your severe loss.

A wrongful death attorney can take the burden from your shoulders and fight for the most compensation to secure your financial future. Your wrongful death attorney can also deal with insurance adjusters, inquiries from the police, funeral expenses, probate problems, and any news coverage.

While some grieving families may not want to bother with a wrongful death lawsuit, the claim can provide much-needed funding to pay for losing a primary breadwinner. You could get money for mortgage and rent payments, college education expenses, loss of inheritance, and mental anguish.

Speak to a Nix Patterson Head-On Collision Attorney Today

Anyone injured in a head-on crash has experienced a terrifying incident that could leave them with severe injuries. The violence of these horrifying accidents can be so immense that the vehicles are torn to pieces.

If you or a loved one was injured in a head-on accident, you should receive fair compensation for your injuries and other losses. Nix Patterson’s head-on collision attorneys understand the pain and uncertainty in these accidents and are ready to lend a hand. Speak to our personal injury attorneys today for a free consultation. We only charge legal fees if we win your case, so there are no upfront legal fees.


Nix Patterson only works on a contingency fee basis. Our clients pay us nothing unless we win. Schedule a free consultation today. Call 512.328.5333 or complete the form below. 

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