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Our economy relies on countless large commercial trucks criss-crossing our nation, carrying goods from place to place. Unfortunately, these large vehicles are often involved in accidents, which — given their size and weight — can be catastrophic. There are many reasons such accidents happen; the driver could be distracted, the conditions might be poor, the driver might be acting recklessly, or cargo might shift and spill onto the road. Regardless of the reason, cargo truck accidents are extremely dangerous.

If you were recently hurt in a cargo truck accident, you may be entitled to compensation for your medical bills, lost earnings, and pain and suffering. Your cargo accident attorney at Nix Patterson will be your legal advocate by standing up to the insurance company. 

What Causes Cargo Truck Accidents? 

Loading cargo in a truck trailer or cargo bay must be correctly secured with chains, straps, and other safe methods. Dangerous accidents happen when the driver or company does not load the truck correctly. In addition, improperly secured and loaded items can cause these problems: 

  • Incorrect cargo distribution. A truck trailer may be unbalanced if the cargo weight is not correctly distributed in the rig. For instance, too much product on one side of the trailer could make the truck flip on a curve or turn. When too much cargo is put on the front or back of the trailer, the tires may lose traction. 
  • Overloaded cargo truck. U.S. commercial trucks can only weigh up to 80,000 lbs. But some firms break the rules to deliver more cargo and make more money. If the rig is overloaded, it can affect maneuverability and stopping distances. An overloaded cargo truck also can be top-heavy, leading to deadly rollover crashes. 
  • Falling cargo. Cargo trucks usually carry thousands of pounds of cargo. If any products fall out during transit, they can block the road or fall onto another vehicle, leading to severe or deadly injuries. 
  • Shifting cargo. Cargo not correctly secured in the trailer may cause the driver to lose control, leading to severe crashes. 

Why Is a Truck Cargo Spill So Hazardous? 

Rear-end crashes and jackknifing come to mind when thinking about commercial truck accidents. But many do not realize the hazards of a truck spilling its cargo on the highway. This mishap can become a high-speed obstacle course for vehicles behind, leading to collisions, rollover accidents, running off the road, and other dangerous incidents. Some of the most common causes of cargo truck spills are: 

  • Fatigued driver
  • Improperly secured cargo
  • Poorly trained truck driver handing the rig unsafely 
  • Drunk or drugged river
  • Trailer is overloaded
  • The cargo is too large for the trailer 

Types of Cargo Truck Spills

Tractor-trailers carry all types of cargo, from furniture to machinery to hazardous chemicals. Depending on the type of cargo in the trailer, a cargo spill can cause severe or fatal injuries to drivers and passengers behind the truck: 

  • Cement. Wet cement is thick and heavy. If it suddenly spills onto the road, it can bury people in their vehicles or cause terrible accidents. If enough wet cement strikes a biker or pedestrian, they can suffocate. 
  • Dangerous chemicals. Tanker trucks often carry hazardous loads, and some can explode in an accident. If this happens in your accident, you could have severe burns and even be harmed by inhaling dangerous fumes. Cargo trucks carrying dangerous substances are often subject to even greater regulation for this reason. 
  • Oil and gasoline. Some tanker trucks carry oil and gasoline used to fuel vehicles and machinery and often heat buildings. If a tanker truck spills its cargo onto the road in an accident, it can severely injure everyone around and also may damage the environment. 
  • Logs. Logging is a massive industry in the U.S. and supplies vital lumber nationwide to support the economy. If a logging truck isn’t correctly loaded and secured, logs can fall onto the road during transport. 

Common Cargo Truck Accident Injuries

The injuries you may suffer in a cargo spill accident depend on the cargo involved; there is a difference between a fuel truck spilling gasoline and a tractor-trailer dumping thousands of pounds of fruit on the interstate. However, Nix Patterson attorneys have seen cargo spills leading to most of the following injuries to other motorists, passengers, and pedestrians: 

  • Broken bones
  • Burns
  • Crush injuries
  • Internal bleeding
  • Lung damage
  • Spinal cord damage
  • Amputations 
  • Brain damage
  • Cancer from toxic chemical exposure

There are many ways a cargo spill or shifting cargo accident can severely injure you. You could have weeks or months of recovery ahead of you. But you can count on the trucking company’s insurance provider to provide you as little money as possible following your accident–that’s where we come in. 

How to Recover Damages in a Cargo Truck Accident

After suffering severe injuries in a cargo spill accident, you could have tens of thousands in medical bills, lost wages, and terrible pain and suffering. If the injuries take months to heal, you may be unable to earn a living the whole time. Dealing with such a stressful financial situation isn’t right when the truck driver or company caused the accident. Some damages you may be entitled to are: 

  • Medical bills
  • Lost earnings
  • Property damage
  • Loss work opportunities
  • Pain and suffering
  • Mental anguish 
  • Loss of quality of life
  • Physical therapy expenses

Your cargo truck accident lawyer will help you file a personal injury claim against the responsible party. In truck accidents, more than one person or entity can be named in a lawsuit. 

For example, you can sue the truck driver, the company that owns or loaded the truck, the truck maintenance company, and more. Your lawyer will perform extensive research to locate every liable party and insurance policy that can be tapped to compensate for your losses. Your lawyer also may obtain and examine critical accident-related documents, such as cargo inspections, bills of lading, police reports, and much more. 

Contact a Nix Patterson Cargo Truck Accident Lawyer

Being injured in a cargo truck accident is often traumatic. Suddenly, your life is flipped upside down, and you may be incapacitated for weeks or months. You will need a skilled attorney to investigate the accident and prove who may be liable. Commercial truck accidents are complicated, and insurance companies will fight liability tooth and nail. Nix Patterson cargo truck accident attorneys will fight for your rights in a personal injury lawsuit. Contact us today for a complimentary legal consultation. 


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