Nix Patterson, LLP

Crisis Management


NPR has a team of highly qualified, national lawyers ready to guide clients through complex business, litigation, and public relations crises. Our crisis management team’s goals are to contain the immediate crisis, rapidly solve the problems at hand, and position our clients to achieve their long-term objectives in a manner that minimizes foreseeable economic, legal and reputational harm. To assist in accomplishing these goals, our team has established relationships with experienced public affairs and communications experts nationwide, and we regularly partner with these experts to fashion appropriate media and public affairs strategies. Our lawyers know that every crisis is unique. Our clients deserve a customized approach to meet the demands of any crisis with cool-headed strategy and sensitivity to countless interconnected issues.

NPR’s crisis management experience ranges from navigating complex legal quagmires that threaten clients’ economic survival to reaching the highest levels of government negotiations to representing high-profile celebrities in regulatory investigations and public relations issues. With our attorneys’ multidisciplinary skillset, our fleet of private aircraft, and our extensive network of contacts, we can organize and deploy the right team to contain any crisis at a moments’ notice.

NPR also recognizes that crisis management can be time-consuming and expensive. Our unique business model—which is founded on contingency and reverse contingency fee arrangements, where NPR is willing to advance costs and expenses—allows our clients to continue their day-to-day business without worrying about outrageous hourly legal fees and expenses invoices. Because this model shifts monetary risk to NPR, it also ensures that our clients’ crises will be dealt with efficiently to maximizes the likelihood of success.