Nix Patterson Wins 2019 Trial Team of the Year for Opioids Trial

Nix Patterson has been named the 2019 Trial Team of the Year by The National Trial Lawyers in recognition of the firm’s $465 million verdict against opioid manufacturer Johnson & Johnson. Nix Patterson, along with co-counsel Whitten Burrage, represented the State of Oklahoma in its historic litigation against the manufacturers of addictive opioid pain medications. After obtaining over $360 million in settlements from various opioid manufacturers, the State of Oklahoma—represented by Nix Patterson’s experienced trial team—took Johnson & Johnson to trial over its role as the primary opioid supplier and “kingpin” of the nation’s devastating opioid crisis. Following two years of hard-fought litigation and a seven-week trial, Judge Thad Balkman found for the State and awarded $465 million to fund a one-year abatement plan aimed at fixing the opioid crisis in Oklahoma.

Nix Patterson senior partner Brad Beckworth led the trial team, delivering a nationally televised opening statement, examining multiple high-level witnesses, and giving closing argument. Firm partners Lisa Baldwin, Trey Duck, and Drew Pate tried the case alongside Mr. Beckworth. The entire Nix Patterson trial team that made this victory possible also included Partners Jeff Angelovich and Mike Angelovich and Associates Winn Cutler, Cody Hill, Ross Leonoudakis, James Warner, and Nathan Hall.

The National Trial Lawyers officially presented Nix Patterson with the award at its annual Summit in Miami Beach, Florida, on January 19, 2020. Mr. Beckworth delivered a speech to hundreds of attendees and accepted the award on behalf of the firm. Nix Patterson is honored to be the 2019 Trial Team of the Year.

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