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Tulsa Oklahoma Commercial Litigation & Personal Injury Law Firm

One of Oklahoma’s most trusted law firms for decades, the Tulsa law firm Nix Patterson offers outstanding results to its regional, national, and international clients. Our dozens of attorneys provide superb legal representation to major corporations, small businesses, non-profits, and individuals.

Our Tulsa business and personal injury attorneys lead their fields and communities and make all the difference for our satisfied clients. Learn more about Nix Patterson’s diverse practice areas below, then contact our Tulsa law firm to set up a no-obligation legal consultation.

Whether you’re a Fortune 500 company with a complex antitrust case or a truck accident victim going up against a big insurance company, you can count on Nix Patterson for assistance.

Nix Patterson’s Practice Areas

One of the advantages of retaining a successful national contingency fee law firm is we possess legal expertise in diverse practice areas. In fact, there are few areas of the law that we cannot offer our clients impeccable legal counsel and expertise, including these areas:

Personal Injury Litigation

Motor vehicle accidents, job-related accidents, defective products, and medical malpractice can all lead to severe, life-altering injuries. If you were hurt in Oklahoma and think another person’s negligence caused the accident, consider contacting a Nix Patterson personal injury attorney. Our personal injury lawyers stand ready to advocate for you and hold the liable party responsible for their negligence in these areas:

Truck Crashes

Every day, thousands of tractor-trailers cross the United States, many weighing up to 80,000 pounds. When there is an accident between a massive commercial truck and a passenger vehicle, there are usually catastrophic injuries, including head trauma, spinal cord damage, shattered bones, internal injuries, burns, etc.

These horrific crashes are often high-stakes lawsuits, with potentially millions of dollars in damages. Many injury victims require permanent care, and they need the money that Nix Patterson obtains for them so they get the medical care they need.

When going to war against a big insurance company, you should have a Nix Patterson truck crash attorney fighting for you. Our attorneys have helped devastated truck injury victims obtain maximum compensation for four decades, and we’re committed to helping you extract every dime from the at-fault party.

Oil Field Injuries

Oil and gas are big business in Tulsa and across Oklahoma. But oil and gas work is hazardous, with workers routinely working with dangerous chemicals and machinery daily. This is a big-risk industry, and job-related injuries are common, and fatal accidents happen regularly.

If you are a floorhand, derrickhand, truck driver, or oil field worker with an oil or gas industry injury, you need the best legal representation to ensure you get the money necessary for your recovery. Our attorneys will consider every legal possibility to build the most robust personal injury case for you.

Catastrophic Injury

Most personal injuries are traumatic and painful. However, some injuries are so severe and devastating that you may be left with permanent, life-changing outcomes. These are what are known as catastrophic injuries, and they affect how you move, where you can travel, and the types of physical activities you can enjoy. Some of these catastrophic injury cases lead to death, and that’s when you should speak to one of our wrongful death attorneys for legal advice.

Such severe injuries may require you to rethink how you live, work, and enjoy life. You may also need ample compensation so your family or others can care for you for the rest of your days. Without this compensation, it’s unlikely that you will enjoy the best recovery you otherwise would.

Whether your catastrophic injury is a damaged spinal cord, head trauma, shattered bones, or severe burns, you need a skilled catastrophic injury attorney to advocate for you. Nix Patterson’s lawyers possess decades of experience representing severely injured victims. We will offer the best legal advice to hold the negligent party accountable in a claim or lawsuit.

Sexual Abuse

It’s terrible to think about, but far too many young adults and children endure sexual abuse from people they trust. Sometimes, sexual abuse occurs in a house of worship, school, or workplace.

If you’re a sexual abuse victim, you have a passionate legal advocate in Nix Patterson’s Tulsa-based attorneys. We are dedicated to safeguarding children’s rights who have been sexually abused.

Dangerous Drug and Medical Device Litigation

Thousands of people are hurt every year by defective and dangerous pharmaceuticals and medical devices. Nix Patterson employs a dedicated team of mass tort lawyers to fight for those hurt by hazardous drugs and devices. All of our mass tort attorneys understand how critical these cases are to our many injured clients.

Our attorneys are fiercely dedicated to assisting victims and their loved ones to obtain justice for devastating injuries caused by flawed drugs and devices they thought were safe.

These significant, complex cases often have thousands of victims. So, they may be consolidated into a single case before one judge, who chooses a steering committee to oversee the claims of every person injured or killed. Our attorneys have been appointed to these steering committees on many occasions, including for the Phen-Fen, Lipitor, and Granuflo cases.

Commercial Litigation

The modern business environment is fiercely competitive, and public and private entities often rely on the contingent fee model as the most cost-efficient way to protect and recover corporate assets.

Clients rely on Nix Patterson to represent them when the stakes are never higher. We have the financial resources and legal experience to pinpoint and develop the most complicated issues in any arbitration or litigation and then develop a winning legal strategy. We are skilled and comfortable handling high-stakes litigation for the world’s most extensive and sophisticated clients in the following areas:

Securities Litigation and Portfolio Monitoring

Investors suffer millions of yearly losses because of securities mismanagement, fraud, and negligence. Many people who invest their hard-earned dollars become fraud victims by shady financial brokers and institutions they thought were on their side.

Even after such a devastating breach of trust, you still have options. You can consult our securities litigation and portfolio monitoring attorneys for legal advice. We have vast experience assisting investors like you in recovering funds and damages in fiduciary and derivative lawsuits.

When you need to file securities-related litigation, you should turn to a qualified legal team, such as Nix Patterson, that offers outstanding legal representation. Our attorneys have enjoyed considerable success in recent securities-related lawsuits, including a $280 million settlement with the Bank of New York Mellon (BNY). BNY’s securities lending clients accused BNY of improperly investing client funds into Sigma Finance medium-term notes, violating BNY’s fiduciary duties.

Complex Commercial and Business Litigation

Nix Patterson is experienced in handling all kinds of business litigation that has been harmed. Our years of experience covers insurance coverage disputes, breach-of-contract, intellectual property theft, class actions, and more:

Intellectual Property

The US has the most powerful economy in the world, and much of that power is because ideas drive it. To encourage people to come up with cutting-edge ideas, state and federal laws offer protections with patents, copyrights, trademarks, and trade secrets. When the system works, people’s inventions and ideas are protected from others stealing and copying them.

However, human nature far too often rears its head, and competitors would rather steal someone’s idea than compensate them fairly. Sometimes, they get away with it if the inventor lacks the financial resources to fight back. This is where Nix Patterson can help.

In the last 10 years, our attorneys have assisted inventors and small companies in recovering compensation for intellectual property theft, including Nix Patterson’s partner, Michael Angelovich, who specializes in protecting clients’ intellectual property. Our attorneys in this area are registered patent attorneys with diverse business backgrounds.

All intellectual property cases are handled on a contingency-fee basis, so you don’t need to worry if you can afford a lawyer. Our attorneys handle IP cases across the US, including Oklahoma, Texas, California, Pennsylvania, Washington state, and others.

Class Actions

Class actions are one of the best ways to hold negligent companies accountable for their negligence. When a large company or government entity is negligent and harms thousands or millions of people, it could seem like there are few consequences. These organizations could make harmful products, offer shady services, produce vehicles or products that kill people, or damage the environment with pollution.

The government may fine or penalize them for their misdeeds, but these punishments do nothing for those harmed. Nix Patterson thinks this is wrong, which is why we take pride in helping consumers in successful class actions. Our attorneys understand the challenges of class actions and help victims obtain the justice they deserve. You are probably not alone if you have been injured by a company’s or entity’s actions. Contact a Nix Patterson class action attorney for a consultation today.


The American economy is founded on competition and free trade. The United States has many laws that prevent companies from building a monopoly and conspiring to exploit consumers with price gouging. However, some companies care more about profits than they do about our antitrust laws, which can lead to economic harm for many people and businesses.

Price fixing, market allocation agreements, and other antitrust law violations lead to fewer choices and higher prices for consumers and companies. Nix Patterson’s antitrust attorneys use an innovative, tenacious approach to fight anti-competitive business practices in the US.

Whistleblower and False Claims Act Litigation

Do you think an employer or employee is trying to defraud the government? Contact a Nix Patterson attorney immediately. We maintain a robust team of attorneys and legal staff who regularly prosecute False Claims Act (FCA) and whistleblower litigation for the state and federal governments. The FCA allows consumers to report organizations and individuals who attempt to defraud the government.

Keep in mind that whistleblowers play an essential role in holding industries and companies accountable and protecting Americant tax dollars. If your case is successful, you could receive a percentage of the recovered funds from the federal government. There are laws in place to protect you from retaliation, so you should not fear repercussions for stepping forward and blowing the whistle.

Crisis Management 

Nix Patterson employs a highly skilled team of national attorneys who can guide clients through complicated business, litigation, and public relations problems. Our crisis management team will contain the immediate crisis, resolve the most pressing issues, and position you to achieve your long-term goals in a way that minimizes financial and reputational damage.

Our legal team in the crisis management department has strong relationships with outstanding public relations and communications experts nationwide. We partner with them often to develop effective PR and media strategies. Our attorneys also have a multidisciplinary skillset, a fleet of private planes at their disposal, and a long list of A-list contacts. We can quickly organize and deploy the most effective legal team to contain any crisis.

Our unique business model relies on contingency and reverse contingency arrangements so we can front costs and expenses. That way, you can continue your day-to-day business operations without fretting about steep hourly legal fees and costs. This model puts the risk on us, so we are highly motivated to resolve your case successfully.

The Texas A&M football Johnny Manziel case is a recent example of a crisis management matter that Nix Patterson resolved successfully. Manziel faced disciplinary action from the NCAA, and after months of work and negotiation, Nix Patterson resolved the issue without the client admitting wrongdoing. Manziel agreed to sit out for the first half of Texas A&M’s season-opening football game.

He later asked Nix Patterson to help him prepare for the NFL draft and assemble his business team. Nix Patterson’s legal skill helped him become the first quarterback under six feet tall to be taken in the first round of the NFL draft.

Governmental and Sovereign Representation

Nix Patterson frequently represents states, counties, cities, political subdivisions, and other governmental entities to recover monetary damages. When a government entity joins litigation, political concerns, policy issues, and media exposure present unusual challenges. But we know they are also opportunities. Our attorneys have the legal knowledge and experience to represent governmental entities effectively in the most sensitive and essential cases.

For instance, Nix Patterson is one of five law firms that obtained a $17.2 billion settlement for the State of Texas in tobacco litigation. Also, in 2016, Nix Patterson obtained a significant settlement for the State of Florida and 20 additional government entities in a lawsuit against BP regarding the Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill.

Contact Nix Patterson Today

If you have a personal injury or business-related legal issue, you can rely on the Tulsa law firm Nix Patterson. We employ dozens of attorneys who are legal experts in their fields, and each offers high-quality legal representation, insight, experience, and resourcefulness.

For a confidential consultation, contact Nix Patterson today. Nix Patterson has litigated and consistently prevailed against some of the country’s most potent, highly funded defendants.


Nix Patterson only works on a contingency fee basis. Our clients pay us nothing unless we win. Schedule a free consultation today. Call 512.328.5333 or complete the form below. 

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